Lahuvot, the Unquenchable

(Prounounced: Lah-who-vot)

Lahumesre - Unquenchable
Omesaltyys Lahur - Undying Flame
Hyevalesal - The last chosen (His children aren't fond of this name)

The god of Bravery. The the one who ignited the fire in the sun and in Silexare's core. When he visits Silexare, he dons a wreath of flames and rides an enormous scaled bird (Alyhuur - Fiery Death). His children (the Kampuar) are known the world over for their ruinous appetite and savage way of life. 

In the Creation Era, when Lahuvot made his offering to Alesuariil, his return was an undying appetite. To eat forever and never fill.

"Lahuvot instilled his bravery into fire. He taught it to eat. It devoured and grew, becoming more powerful, so that it melted mountains and boiled the ocean and choked the sky, leaving nothing but ruin. And though the other Uar feared fire above all, they yearned for its touch."
Brandal - A Sawmill's Hope

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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Lahuvot, the Unquenchable