Avesylum is the ore found deep within the stoney earth of the Sky Islands of Suvinor. In certain forms, and by certain individuals, Avesylum can be manipulated remotely through telekinesis. 

The ore is used first and foremost to keep Suvinor afloat. This process requires significant concentration of the inhabitants of the Sky Islands. It also requires that their feet remain bare, to keep close contact with the earth.
Its second most popular use has become implementation in writing devices in Suvinor; feathers, quills, chalk, paint. In this way the Suvinorians power the Sky Island printing presses. 
In certain cases, Suvinorians will mass produce documentations submitted by those from elsewhere besides the Sky Islands. And although they claim to never tamper with or alter text, significant findings suggest otherwise.

"Books written in the Sky Islands have a certain signature. Suvinorians are the haughtiest of all Balvred and books printed there are filtered through their ideals."
Selty - A Sawmill's Hope

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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