(Prounounced: Hallis-Fay)

One of seven Vael. 
Known by the Pyravalians as Hush

Halysfae is extracted from the Sun Tree - one of the Seven Pinnacles of Creation.
When processed and ingested correctly, Halysfae performs miracles of healing - curing illnesses that would be terminal, helping regrow destroyed organs, dampening the adverse affects of age, poison, exposure. 

Since the bark of the Sun Tree is nearly impenetrable, the secret of extracting Halysfae belongs to the Pyravalians alone, who live high in the tree's branches, miles above even the nearby mountains. Only rarely will they barter.

"To the best of my studies, it temporarily empowers your blood, granting an otherwise impossible mastery over weariness, injury, and disease. Perhaps one could escape death forever."
Seltys - A Sawmill's Hope

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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