(Prounounced: You-are)

Also known as the Four Aspects of Creation.

The Uar are made up of 
Satuavo the Immeasurable - He painted the canvas that is the sky.
Vostuar the Impenetrable - He built the foundation that is the world. 
Voa'ur the Unfathomable - She filled the world with water.
Lahuvot the Unquenchable - He lit the fire that is the sun. 

Alesuariil gave life to the Uar and blessed them with powers of ultimate creation. They filled the world with life and the sky with color. They taught water to transverse everything and fire to consume everything.

In this way, all matter and energy that exist today came into being.

'Alesuariil gave a name to their creation and called it Vemesakon. The Uar had made existence but not as we know it. It was wilder, untamed. The Uar grew jealous of one another, each trying to outdo the other, each claiming superiority. It was Satuavo who issued the challenge that eventually brought about the end of the Creation Era.'
- A Sawmill's Hope

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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