(Prounounced: Where-gah-taz (singular - Where-gah-ta))

One of four highest orders of the Children of Uar.

Vostuar gave birth to the Uergatas as his representatives and defenders on Silexare. 

During the Chaos Era they fought the armies of Vostuar's brothers and sister, grinding and tattering their enemies with hooves and horns.

Once the chaos was contained and the wilder Children of Uar were dealt with, the Uergatas settled in Northern Halandor. They have divided into three tribal nations.

“Part man!” the Bloody Portent booms. “Part beast! Two legged sons of Vostuar from the Gygus tribe! Weapons of a forgotten era!”
“Impossible,” Torvald breaths. A trick of the sunlight makes it seem his face has gone pale. 
“Tonight, for your enjoyment,” At maximum volume, the Bloody Portent’s voice is a chisel in Irdessa’s ears. It is Torvald’s reaction, though, that has chills rising up over her arms and neck to squeeze her throat. “Prepare to witness … Uergatas!”
 - Turesia

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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Uergatas Concept Art by: Jason Tasi

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