(Prounounced: Less-Oh-Vick)

Also known as The Unwithering, Pyvalfas Aklyfal

Lesovik watches over the Unwithering Woods in south western Tiasa. 

He's humanoid in stature but can alter his mass and size by borrowing energy from trees. He is perpetually being devoured by two disembodied wolf heads, one on either calf. This does nothing to improve his mood. The resin leaking from his wounds becomes new vegetation for the forest, thus his name Pyvalfas Aklyfal, 'source of the trees.'

'Healing the forest will take time. If those responsible for its destruction return, do not be near. I do not abide by moderate resolution. Second offenses fall on my shoulders alone.' 
Lesovik - A Sawmill's Hope

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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