(Prounounced: VALE)

Incarnations of Alesuariil, Gifts of Alesuariil, Vael Artifacts, Vael Art

When Alesuariil built the Seven Pinnacles, the homes of the seven tribes of Balvred, he split his supernatural power and placed it within physical bounds upon each. 

[An extensive list of all seven locations, tribes, and Vael elements will emerge as necessitated by stories]

The Vael is embodied in seven sorts of matter on Silexare - flowers, sap, water, magma, ore, blood, and crystals. Each is extremely rare and coveted by humanity. This is because they contain and radiate powers that should, by all means, never exist in reality.

When a talented alchemist, tinker, artificer, tanner, iron smith, etc. uses a Vael element as an ingredient in a project, Vael Artifacts are made. 

In this way, Harper owns a crystal necklace that makes him intangible to arrows. Seltys drinks a beverage that makes him immune to bodily destruction while consuming liquid mercury. Cora owns a wand that alerts her when unease exists nearby. And so on.

“The ability to instill ideas upon others. Sometimes a feeling, sometimes a memory… sometimes a memory of the future, as odd as that might sound. There’s no direct manipulation of actions; that comes as a result of the response to the emotion implanted. It is not the most predictable Vael Art.”
tsked, a wry smile on his face, eyes locked on the instrument.
“This level of alchemy is beyond me. The principles of the flower were extracted somehow and captured in paint – dye mixed with attar of the petals, I’d guess.”
- A Sawmill's Hope

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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