Also known as the Four Mediators, the First Alchemists, the Senate of the Uar

The Imalasial are four entities who came about as an answer to the destruction caused by the Uar during the Chaos Era. They are made up of Yfralt, Syvralys, Viatobur, and Buarys. Each entity governs a specific law of physical existence on Silexare.

Great suffering and turmoil gripped Silexare when the Imalasial arrived. By this time, Alesuariil had barred ultimate creation and ultimate destruction from ever occurring again in Vemesakon.

And so it was by defining relationships of matter and energy and by subduing, containing, or altering the Children of Uar that the Imalasial managed to contain the chaos and make Silexare livable once more.

'They audited the beasts of Silexare, weighing their worth to existence, determining which should be subverted, which should be free. Some creatures resisted subjugation and were imprisoned. Deep within the earth, or below the sea, or beyond the sky, the wildest of the Uar’s children were sent to sleep and forget the war.'
Brandal - A Sawmill's Hope

First Mention: A Sawmill's Hope - Novel

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